@cyberflier: RT @SpeakerShinjini: I have some thoughts after watching some of @netflix Living Undocumented. The first that deporting gogetter immigrants who are undocumented with zero criminal background, purposefully separating families to create such long-term pain…..who does this exactly benefit? retweet 😑


@JRubinBlogger Don’t be disingenuous. We’d need a massive progressive supermajority to get warrens plan enacted – that won’t happen even if we get a massive dem majority. But, there’s a lot to be said for electing the woman who actually has plans, actually has created an agency, and will work.


@Itskikaiueo: RT @StayBiebsTweet: Hands down Justin Bieber. Dude has Teen pop, Christmas music, Pop, RnB, Edm, hip hop even country songs in his discography like damn who’s doing it like him… https://t.co/weTvcPbph0


@ryo66ars0915: RT @AppleMusicJapan: 嵐の全シングル曲が配信開始🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 最新曲”Turning Up”を含むヒット曲の数々を #AppleMusic で楽しもう。 #嵐 https://t.co/aeoc4WcO1A https://t.co/dYKHADnHz1


@bacataekook: RT @ThePopHub: BTS have won the award for “Biggest Fans” at tonight’s MTV European Music Awards, becoming their second consecutive win in this category. #MTVEMAs https://t.co/3sJsOdtSm3


@YourBodyProud: Artificial Intelligence could help us unpick why some songs just make us feel so good – via @techreview https://t.co/9huUQgnSqM One day the technique could even be used in musict herapy. #_Trends https://t.co/cNiBu5KQF8


@frhnajihah: RT @OH_mes2: SuperM and Korean Air partner up for a new in-flight safety video, filmed in the style of a music video “Let’s Go Everywhere” was produced by Kenzie for the video Video narration done by BoA All proceeds from “Let’s Go Everywhere” will be donated to Global Poverty Project https://t.co/cfpfnZCOWS